Dog Days Ain’t Over, Yet: Country Business Cycles Through Hot Tour Season

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Dog Days Ain’t Over, Yet: Country Business Cycles Through Hot Tour Season
Record labels … a year in advance with promoters who are itching to announce 2017 headliners at the close of their 2016 festivals. “You’re thinking in two years at the same time almost,” says William Morris Endeavor line agent Becky Gardenhire.

This is what we need to do to ensure music in Wales prospers, according to industry experts
Matt Jarrett, promoter at Fuelled By Jealous Lovers and owner of Diverse Records in Newport … done to develop the industry at all levels. Bringing through new managers, new label start-ups, new publishing companies, press agents and radio plungers.

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Boys Noize @ Heart Nightclub 10/13
Boys Noize is coming to Dj at the Heart Nightclub in Downton on Thursday, October 13th. He has been a very prolific producer for years now and has worked with some of the biggest names in EDM and even big … to create a wholly new sound.

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WEST SIDE STORY – Cinema Retro

Cinema Retro
Cinema Retro
Then Principal Clarinet Stanley Drucker recalled Woody Allen, also a jazz clarinet player, smiling and giving him a thumbs-up after Mr. Drucker recorded the opening solo of Rhapsody in Blue. Then flutist Renée Siebert said, “I remember Woody … This

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