About Us

We provide Digital Music, combined with Instrumental Artistry in a unique way never
scene before on stage, to fortune 500 Corporations, Conventions, Special Events,
Hotels, Dance Clubs & Private Parties!

After years of experimentation & innovation, we believe we have created the most unique
EDM (Electronic Dance Music ), World Beat 1 Man show in the world!

1 One Artist (Tommy Mac “Mashene”) Performing on Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Keyboards, Full
set of Yamaha drums & percussion interfacing with over 35K songs to choose from, using
20K worth of equipment combined with DJ platforms to execute it all.

Our Focus is all about creating specific music for our clients preferences and tastes,
for their parties, their employees, their clients/customers, for their dancing and
listening pleasure, it’s not about us, it’s all about you.


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